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These are some of my essential reads.

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A Smart BearJason Cohen
A Whole Lotta Nothing titleMatt Haughey
Allen PikeAllen Pike
Anil DashAnil Dash
Justin JacksonJustin Jackson
Axbom • Digital CompassionPer Axbom
Benedict EvansBenedict Evans
BrettTerpstra.comBrett Terpstra
Chris CoyierChris Coyier
Citation NeededCitation Needed…
Daring FireballDaring Fireball
David SmithDavid Smith
Derek SiversDerek Sivers
Drew DeVault’s blogDrew DeVault
Evan Prodromou’s BlogEvan Prodromou
Garry TanGarry Tan
Greg KoganGreg Kogan
Growth and Customer Acquisition GuidesBrian Balfour
Hardcore Software by Steven SinofskySteven Sinofsky
Jason FriedJason Fried
Jim Nielsen’s BlogJim Nielsen’s Blog
Joel on SoftwareJoel on Software
Julia EvansJulia Evans
Lenny’s NewsletterLenny’s Newsletter
Letters from an AmericanHeather Cox Richardson
Liss is MoreCasey Liss
LMNTLouis Mantia
Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg
Manton ReeceManton Reece
Matt HaugheyMatt Haughey
Matt Legend GemmellMatt Legend Gemmell
Matt WensingMatt Wensing
Matthew CassinelliMatthew Cassinelli
Maurice ParkerMaurice Parker
Michael MignanoMichael Mignano
Michael TsaiMichael Tsai
Mike IndustriesMike Industries
Mike RundleMike Rundle
Mobile Dev MemoMobile Dev Memo
Molly White’s activity feedMolly White’s
Mule Design StudioMule Design Studio
Nathan BarryNathan Barry
No Mercy / No MaliceScott Galloway
Om MalikOm Malik
Paul Graham: EssaysPaul Graham
Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis
Paul KrugmanPaul Krugman
One Foot TsunamiOne Foot Tsunami
Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory DoctorowCory Doctorow
Rands in ReposeRands in Repose
Rob Walling - Serial EntrepreneurRob Walling
Seth GodinSeth Godin
Signal v. NoiseSignal v. Noise
Six ColorsSix Colors
SpyglassM.G. Siegler
StratecheryBen Thompson
Tantek ÇelikTantek Çelik
The Message BoxThe Message Box
The ObsessorThe Obsessor