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Regulating AI by Executive Order is the Real AI Risk

Published: at 01:32 AM

Stephen Sinofsky, on his Hardcore Software Newsletter

This approach to regulation is not about innovation despite all the verbiage proclaiming it to be. This Order is about stifling innovation and turning the next platform over to incumbents in the US and far more likely new companies in other countries that did not see it as a priority to halt innovation before it even happens.

I am by no means certain if AI is the next technology platform the likes of which will make the smartphone revolution that has literally benefitted every human on earth look small. I don’t know sitting here today if the AI products just in market less than a year are the next biggest thing ever. They may turn out to be a way stop on the trajectory of innovation. They may turn out to be ingredients that everyone incorporates into existing products. There are so many things that we do not yet know.

What we do know is that we are at the very earliest stages. We simply have no in-market products, and that means no in-market problems, upon which to base such concerns of fear and need to “govern” regulation.

The uncertainty around AI is rightfully getting attention and causing concern, but the future is inevitable. The hubris in believing we can control the future doesn’t really set us up for success. [

  1. Regulating AI by Executive Order is the Real AI Risk

The President’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence is a premature and pessimistic political solution to unknown technical problems and a clear case of regulatory capture.

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]( Regulating AI by Executive Order is the Real AI Risk, by Stephen Sinofsky